Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, February 24, 2012

The TDR's Are Released

The city acknowledges on the reports that there are wide margins of error - as much as 54 points out of 100.

Even the economist who helped develop the NYCDOE ratings system came out against the publishing of this data publicly:

The release of the individual rankings has even been controversial among the scientists who designed them. Douglas N. Harris, an economist at the University of Wisconsin, where the city’s rankings were developed, said the reports could be useful if combined with other information about teacher performance. But because value-added research is so new, he said, “we know very little about it.” Releasing the data to the public at this point, Mr. Harris added, “strikes me as at best unwise, at worst absurd.”

And yet, media outlets are going to publish the Teacher Data Reports and name names.

Truly we live in the last days of empire when arrogance and a lack of wisdom among our policy makers, politicians and media elites trump common sense and justice.

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