Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, February 4, 2012

NYPD Forces Grandmother Of Teen Murdered By Cops To Give Statement Against Her Will

OK, so the NYPD chases a kid with dope on him into his apartment and shoots and kills him as he's trying to flush the shit down the toilet.

The kid's grandmother and six year old brother are both home and witness the murder.

You would think Ray Kelly and the NYPD would apologize for this outrage and look to rectify it.

But you would be wrong.

Instead they took the grandmother into custody and held her for seven hours until she gave a forced statement about the incident:

After a police officer fatally shot an 18-year-old man in his Bronx apartment on Thursday, the man’s grandmother, a witness to the shooting, was taken into custody and held against her will for several hours, a friend of the family said on Saturday.

An officer confronted the man, Ramarley Graham, who was in the bathroom possibly trying to flush some marijuana down the toilet. A moment later, a shot rang out, killing the teenager.

While officers had trailed Mr. Graham to the apartment thinking he was armed, no gun was found, making the grandmother, Patricia Hartley, 58, a critical witness. The shooting is drawing the kind of close scrutiny reminiscent of the killing of Sean Bell, who died in a hail of 50 police bullets in Queens in November 2006.

At this juncture little is known of precisely what Ms. Hartley saw and what of that she has told detectives.

But her treatment by the police in the hours after her grandson was killed could become a sticking point in an investigation that Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said would be presented to a grand jury.

After Mr. Graham was killed, Ms. Hartley was taken to the 47th Precinct station house on Laconia Avenue and held for seven hours, according to Carlton Berkley, a friend of Ms. Hartley’s who said he had retired from the police force as a detective in the 30th Precinct in upper Manhattan. Mr. Berkley added that Ms. Hartley was forced to give a statement about what happened.

“She gave it against her will,” Mr. Berkley said. “She didn’t want to speak to the police.”

Mr. Berkley, speaking on Saturday outside the Graham family home on East 229th Street in Wakefield, said: “We’re going to fight that statement.”

This is just the latest outrage committed by Commissioner Ray Kelly and his NYPD goons, as the NY Times pointed out today:

Over the past year, two officers charged with raping a woman were fired after being acquitted of rape but found guilty of official misconduct. A broad ticket-fixing scandal flared in the Bronx; when the accused officers were arraigned, hundreds of officers massed in protest, some denouncing Mr. Kelly. Eight current and former officers were charged with smuggling illegal guns. Narcotics detectives were accused of planting drugs on innocent civilians. An inspector needlessly pepper-sprayed four Occupy Wall Street protesters, invoking memories of the scrutiny and mass arrests of protesters during the 2004 Republican National Convention, and giving the nascent movement its first real prime-time moment.

Civil rights advocates have assailed the department’s expanded stops of minorities on the streets. Several officers denigrated West Indians on Facebook. Muslims have denounced the monitoring of their lives, as Mr. Kelly has dispatched undercover officers and informants to find radicalized youth.

Let's not forget Kelly's voluntary appearance in a film that smears Muslims as terrorists, a film that was shown to cops as part of their training, and Kelly's bragging that he could shoot down a plane over New York City if he wanted to, he's just that powerful.

And let's also not forget that his son is currently under investigation for rape and the NYPD has been working overtime to discredit the alleged victim in the tabloids with anonymous quotes.

But this latest outrage, the murdered teen and the cops holding the grandmother until she gave the statement they wanted her to give, that goes beyond the pale.

It's time for this autocratic commissioner to go.

Frankly after the OWS crackdown, he belongs in jail sharing a cell with Bernie Kerik.

That won't happen, of course, which is a shame.

But even the cops who work for this creep want him gone.

The outrages are building, week after week.

It's time for Kelly to be gone.


  1. NYPD beginning to resemble the police force in Clockwork Orange.

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