Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Test Scores Count For 100% Of The New Teacher Evaluations In New York

The NYSED, the Regents chancellor and the governor all say that test scores only account for 40% of the new teacher evaluation system.

Classroom observations and other assessments count for 60%.

But if you are deemed "ineffective" on the 40% portion of the evaluation assessed through test scores, you have to be declared "ineffective" overall.

In effect, test scores are actually 100% of the new evaluation system.

If you come up "ineffective" on the test portion of the evaluation, it doesn't matter how you do on the other 60%.

The value-added measurement the state is going to use to grade teachers is going to be rife with error and wide swings in stability from year to year, if it is anything like the VAM the city used for Teacher Data Reports, so you can be sure that thousands of teachers are going to be unfairly deemed "ineffective" by this new system.

Which is actually the point of the system.

This is all about creating chaos, blowing up what the powers that be see as the "status quo" and trying some bold new experiments on students and teachers.

NYSED Commissioner King, Regents Chancellor Tisch and Governor Cuomo all have this goal in mind.

Today, with the help of the unions, they achieved their goal.

Let the firings (and the yummy yummy profit-making for Pearson and all the other test vendors) begin.

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