Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bloomberg's Education Policies: Toxins First!

Bloomberg claims he MUST close the 24 SIG schools because that policy is "in the best interest of students."

Meanwhile in Brooklyn:

Angry Brooklyn parents rallied at Public School 29 in Cobble Hill Friday to protest the city’s plan to start asbestos abatement during the school year.

About 30 parents huddled together in the school’s playground as construction workers began clearing asbestos from building windows as part of a multimillion dollar renovation project.

Parents demanded a delay in asbestos abatement work until summer. But Department of Education officials told parents that the asbestos work would be done in the evenings, after the school was empty.

The city School Construction Authority project involves the demolition and rebuilding of exterior walls and the replacement of the building’s roof and parapet. The work is expected to be finished by July 2013.

Oh yeah - Bloomberg cares about the best interests of students.

That's why he's having asbestos removed while there are kids around at PS 29.

Or let's not forget when he hid the fact that the building where PS 51 is located in the Bronx was full of toxins that were causing vomiting, dizziness, nausea, migraines and birth defects:

The state took the first step Monday in addressing longstanding concerns about the dangerous levels of toxins found at Public School 51 The Bronx New School last January.

The DEC will take environmental samples of the building and surrounding area, especially the basement and cafeteria, where TCE levels were highest.


“Three times a day kids were in that lunchroom,” charged parent Adeline Walker, who has three children who attended the school and have histories of migraines. “Recess, lunch and gym.”

Meanwhile, the DOH will publish a health consultation report, which will address possible health issues related to TCE exposure.

Many parents said over the years that their kids came home complaining of headaches, nausea, dizziness and vomiting.

But there is evidence the toxic chemical increases problems in fetal development, and a teacher who worked for five years at the school sued the city after terminating her pregnancy due to birth defects.

The state investigation started in the fall. Parents learned of the dangerous contamination nine months after the city Department of Education first made its discovery. The students have since been moved to the closed St. Martin of Tours school building on E. 182nd St.

“I think the reaction from the DOE has been outrageous,” said parent Miriam Ford, who had two children at P.S. 51. “The reality is, we have to push to make sure all the people affected are notified.”

How many cases of cancer, both current and future, is Bloomberg responsible for at PS 51?

Hard to know, but one thing is certain:

Bloomberg does not care about children, parents or teachers.

The best interest he is concerned with is his own political interest and the economic interests of his cronies.

PS 29 and PS 51 prove that.

Hey Bloomberg, you want to shut some schools?

Try the ones with the toxins in them.

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  1. Another school in which an asbestos abatement program is going on at night is PS106 in Bushwick.A classroom on the first floor which had been used for SETSS(Resource Room) and Speech and Occupational Therapies is being done- all the service providers have been switched to other rooms, and decontamination showers are parked in the schoolyard.