Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, April 27, 2012

Does He Get His Job And Reputation Back?

The New York Daily News, a newspaper currently run by a man accused of covering up thousands of incidents of illegal phone hacking, bribery, extortion and other crimes when he was the editor for Rupert Murdoch's News of the World, is on a crusade.

The Daily News is out to get rid of all the "perverts" from the school system.

They've got a battery of reporters on the beat, meeting with DOE officials and reading through lots of Tweed-edited correspondence and half truths which they then publish verbatim in the News without checking on the validity or truthfulness of the DOE's claims.

This is of course in the public interest, since even people falsely accused of crimes should not work in the school system and must be weeded out by the crack team of Daily News "Perv Teacher" reporters on the case.

In today's News we learn about one of those "perverts" in the school system, a father of three who worked as a school and aide and was falsely accused of a crime:

An Upper West Side public school aide who was arrested for sex abuse and fired was freed Thursday after the charges proved unfounded.

Hany Abdalla, a paraprofessional at Public School 84 on W.92nd Street,St., was accused of touching an 8-year-old girl and arrested Wednesday.

But the 35-year-old married father of three, who has worked at PS 84 since 2007, was freed Thursday and all charges were dropped.

His lawyer, Virginia LoPreto, said the accuser’s account was contradicted by teachers and other students in the second-grade class.

“There were serious questions about the validity of the allegations,” LoPreto said. “We can only hope that the rumors that this was motivated by ethnic bias are untrue.”

At least seven city school workers have been arrested for sex crimes involving students in 2012.

Education officials said that Abdalla had no previous investigations by school authorities or police.

Arrested on Wednesday, fired on Wednesday, name splashed all over the papers Thursday morning as another one of those school perverts...but freed on Thursday when the police dropped all charges because the allegations were false and were contradicted by teachers and other students.

This man will get his reputation back?

No, not after his name was splashed all over the media as a "child molester" and "pervert."

This man will get his job back?

Probably not - because as we have learned from the Daily News' "Perv Teachers" series over the past few weeks, teachers or DOE employees who are falsely accused of crimes and exonerated are STILL guilty and not allowed to work in the schools system.

Once accused, always guilty.

Guilty even when proven innocent.

That's the motto of the NYCDOE, Chancellor Walcott and his crack team of Daily News, NY Post and other media stenographers who post his words for all to see in the papers.

Meanwhile Colin Myler, the Daily News editor who has admitted he lied to Parliament during a hacking inquiry and stands accused of covering up thousands of incidents of illegal phone hacking, bribery, extortion and other crimes when he was the editor for Rupert Murdoch's News of the World, not only STILL has his job, he's STILL on his crusade to root out real and imagined "perverts" from the NYC school system.

Funny how that works.

Actually, it's not funny at all.


  1. I think you are confusing the News and the Post. Except for the fact they are both rags when it comes to their reporting on teachers, Mortimer Zuckerman owns the News as well as US News and World Report and is a contributor on MSNBC and The McLaughlin Group. Murdoch on the other hand, is pals with Klein who is now advising him on the hacking scandal.

  2. I am not - Myler used to work for the Murdoch-owned Post and News of the World. He now works for the Daily News as editor-in-chief.

    See here: