Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Rupert Murdoch Never Forgets

The Telegraph interviews Labor MP Tom Watson on the dangers of taking on Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation and just how corrupt the British political system has been made by Murdoch.

The Guardian reports
that Rupert Murdoch plans to take revenge on the British political class, particularly David Cameron, when he appears before the Levenson Committee investigating News Corp. hacking/bribery/corruption charges this week.

Reuters reports that Rupert Murdoch is now at war with the U.K., attacking the Cameron government for education, tax, monetary and energy policy via Twitter as he readies for his Levenson appearance.

The New York Times
reports that 44 more hacking cases have been filed against Murdoch and News Corporation. Claimants include Cherie Blair, Tony Blair's wife, and Ted Beckham, father of soccer player David Beckham.

The News Statesman reports that with these new hacking cases plus the other 1,174 "likely victims" still to file suit, the bill to News Corporation for the scandal could rise to over $1 billion.

It seems Murdoch is going to be in fighting form this week.

I would remind the members of the Levenson Committee that facing off against Rupert Murdoch is a lot like playing The Game of Thrones - You win or you die.

And what do we say to death?

Not today...

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