Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

James Murdoch Accuses Daily News Editor Colin Myler Of Hacking Cover-Up

Jeremy Hunt wasn't the only score James Murdoch looked to settle at the Leveson inquiry today.

James Murdoch has accused Colin Myler, the editor of the New York Daily News, of withholding the full extent of the phone-hacking scandal at News corporation's UK newspaper arm when he was in charge of the now-defunct News of the World.

Under oath, Murdoch told the Leveson inquiry into British press ethics that he would have "cut out the cancer" if he had known about it earlier.

Murdoch repeated allegations that Myler, the News of the World's final editor, together with the company's former in-house lawyer Tom Crone, had misled him about the scale of illegal behaviour at the newspaper.

Myler and Crone have previously challenged Murdoch's account and called his recollection of events "disingenuous".

The row has shone a spotlight on Myler, now one of the US's top newspaper editors. He was appointed by Mort Zuckerman, owner of the New York Daily News, to edit the paper earlier this year, giving him a place at the top table of American journalism.

Myler declined to comment to the latest set of allegations from Murdoch.

Myler is clearly going to have address these allegations.

Whether he is called to testify under oath to the Leveson inquiry hasn't been made clear.

So far, Myler's keeping his head down here in New York and going after PERVERT TEACHERS!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!

But he's got his own perversion troubles, as Labor MP Tom Watson is claiming Myler sent News Corporation reporters to dig up dirt on Parliament members in order to intimidate them off the hacking case and now James Murdoch is claiming that Myler, along with another News of the World associate, ran the hacking cover-up at the paper.

Tell me exactly how it is Colin Myler, stinking from the hacking case and already embroiled in a He Said/He Said with James Murdoch last summer over the mess, got hired by Mort Zuckerman to run the Daily News?

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