Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pete Fornatale

Just saw this:

Pete Fornatale, a New York deejay, historian and writer who for almost 50 years championed the spirit of musical freedom on the radio airwaves, died Thursday at Beth Israel Medical Center. He was 66.

He suffered a brain hemorrhage on April 15 and been in intensive care for the last week.

I saw him last year at the tribute to the Bottom Line, a great night with a lot of great artists that was made that much greater by host Pete Fornatale.

Levon, now Fornatale.

The voices from my boyhood are disappearing.

Pete and WNEW FM.



  1. Pete lived out in Rockaway and when the Rockaway Theatre Co did a tribute to Simon & Garfunkle I was asked to invite Pete and he came and was so gracious. In following years he was at Fort Tilden for book signings and beyond being oru favorite DJ also seemed to be an all around great guy. He will be missed in so many ways.

  2. Norm, that's the best word to describe him - "gracious."

    I didn't realize he lived in Rockaway, though. Small world!

  3. I know your music background goes deep. Too bad you guys missed each other out here. I enjoyed out brief contact with him and was always hoping to run into him in Waldbaums or Browns. I just listened to his tribute on WFUV and we bought tickets to a tribute on May 27. Don't know why i feel so bummed as so many people die but his really bothers me. He was also a year younger than me.