Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Christie Plummets In New WSJ/NBC News Poll

And the erosion of Chris Christie as a viable presidential candidate continues:

Positive feelings about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are eroding across the board — even among his  once-loyal base of Republicans and Northeasterners – in the wake of allegations that top deputies engineered a massive traffic jam to get back at Democratic mayor who withheld an endorsement.

Overall, the potential 2016 contender was viewed positively by 17% and negatively by 32% in the new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll. That’s a stark contrast from October, when the Republican governor was on the verge of a landslide re-election on Democratic turf and viewed positively by 33% and negatively by 17%.

Feelings about Mr. Christie have soured among independents (12% positively/28% negatively), Republicans (23%/ 29%) and Northeasterners (28%/25%). In fact, not a single group of voters viewed Christie more positively than negatively in the poll.

As the Bridgegate and Sandy aid scandals continue to play out, the news is going to get worse before it gets better for Christie.

With the news that the feds have opened an investigation into Christie crony David Samson for potential conflicts of interest involving the Port Authority, Christie may have three full-fledged scandals on his hands.

Difficult to see how Christie's poll numbers improve with all that sandal news ebbing and flowing over the next year.


  1. It ain't over till the Fat Man goes down...

  2. What did Cuomo know about the lane closures. Don't they share control of the PA?

    1. I'm sure that he knew whenever Patrick Foye first learned about them.