Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, March 31, 2014

Rob Astorino Says His Own Kids Will Opt Out Of "Cuomo Common Core Exams"


  1. He opposes not only common core, but also gay marriage, legal abortion, and taxes that could support public education. And he adores charter schools.

    1. All true.

      Still, I thought this was a very cogent, coherent critique of Common Core and excellent explanation of opt out.

      I talked to a colleague about this earlier and said "But Astorino is anti-union and pro-charter" when he said he might vote for him.

      My colleague said "Cuomo is anti-union, pro-charter AND pro-Common Core. Why not vote for the lesser evil?"

      Which was an interesting way of putting it.

      I wouldn't worry about Astorino too much, NYC Educator.

      Cuomo has a huge campaign war chest and they're going to unload on him and have him framed as a gun-lovin', woman-hatin' extremist before long.

      Cuomo already had George Latimer unload on Astorino today over the CCSS opt out.

      Astorino has a long way to go before he has a shot to beat Cuomo.

      But I might support him for two reasons:

      1. He's NOT Cuomo and

      2. At least when he proposes anti-union legislation or other crazy shit the way Cuomo does, the Democratic legislature will look to oppose him.

      The way things stand now, we already have a Republican governor in the form of Andrew M. Cuomo and the Dems in the Assembly rarely stand up to him and his policies.

    2. Absoultely correct! No governor ever has exhibited as much venom towards the NYC public school system as Cuomo, and the UFT will still probably endorse him. I an a registered Democrat, and a deBlasio supporter, but I'm voting for Astorino.


    These r the type of,scumbags we r up,against. Check out this from Rupert The Hacker...Hey Rupert...u won't be able to hack your way out of Hell...

  3. Is not enuf that they've humiliated our,they have to beat him till he's dead....

  4. I don't that I can actually bring myself to vote for him, and I will probably end up voting Green like I did in 2010, but this is definitely a very well put together argument for Opt Out. I am glad that he is putting his money where his mouth is on this, and I hope it gives more press to the movement.

    The way I see it right now though, on education this is the one issue where he differs from Cuomo, and he gets a lot of points for it. At the very least this makes him better than Cuomo on education.

  5. I don't like Astorino's positions on many issues but unlike Cuomo, Tisch, King, Bloomberg and the people who sit on the charter school boards, he and his wife, a special ed teacher, have their kids in public school. That family is living through these awful policies like the rest of us.