Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Students Say Get Rid Of Common Core

The kids are alright:

ALBANY—A majority of State Assembly members chose to stick with the Common Core standards during a recent vote, but a younger legislative body that voted in the chamber this weekend made a different decision.

A group of high school students visited the Capitol on Sunday to perform a mock Assembly exercise, during which they debated real bills on the Assembly floor, including one that would withdraw New York from the Common Core as well as the federal Race To The Top grant competition. It passed—overwhelmingly.

“That was one of the bills that everyone was looking forward to, because it's such a strong subject right now in New York State,” said Irma Valverde, a senior in the Patchogue-Medford school district on Long Island. “Unfortunately, all the kids in the mock Assembly have seen their teachers and their siblings struggling with the Common Core. Everyone was very disturbed.”

Assemblyman Al Graf has sponsored a bill to withdraw the state from the Common Core, a bill that has so far not gotten much traction in the real Assembly.

When the mock Assembly voted to toss Common Core, Graf said

“Students in high school have more common sense than the people in this house."

Indeed they do.

Of course these students have seen the ravages of the Core implementation firsthand while many of the politicians in Albany only hear about it secondhand from the public.

And apparently secondhand knowledge of the ravages of Common Core doesn't trump all the ed deformer/hedge fundie money the pols get to stay the Common Core course.