Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cuomo Will Try To Steal Money For His Charter School Donors From Traditional Public Schools

From Jessica Bakeman's Capital NY article about the complex budget negotiations around education issues:

Cuomo came out strong for charters, in response to pleas from Success Academy head Eva Moskowitz, pledging to “save” them, and the Senate was the first to quantify what that will take: increased tuition rates that would be paid from traditional public schools to charters, a moratorium on charging rent for space, access to facilities funding and the ability to offer pre-K. The proposal would establish the principle that mayoral control of schools in New York City is contingent on the state agreeing with what the mayor does. Which is to say the mayor wouldn't have full control anymore.


Unions and advocates describe the push as an attack on traditional public school education. Silver has said that the capital funding that the Senate has proposed to help charters secure facilities would be better used to finance classroom space for New York City students who take classes in trailers because schools are at capacity.

Whatever extra money Cuomo gives to his charter school donors will not come from the budget as a whole - it will come from the funds allotted to public schools.

In other words, he is stealing money from public schools to give to charter schools.

Apparently the "student lobbyist" doesn't care much about the students sitting in dilapidated, mold-ridden trailers or falling apart school buildings.

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