Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, March 24, 2014

Cuomo's Job Performance Numbers Fall Again In Siena Poll

Sheriff Andy is under water, mainly due to the economy:

New York voters do not see improvement on key issues ranging from the state’s economy to curtailing government corruption during Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s tenure, a Siena College poll released Monday found.

The poll, which surveyed New York voters on a range of issues including the economic well-being of their family, tax policy, the quality of public education and the state’s business climate determined most believed there had not been any improvement or in some cases have gotten worse.


When it comes to the “economic well-being of you and your family,” 52 percent of New Yorkers polled said things have stayed the same, while 19 percent said it has improved and 28 percent responded it has gotten worse.

For state’s economy, an issue that Cuomo has sought to turn around through a variety of means including a revamped economic development program, 37 percent believe it hasn’t changed, while 31 percent responded it has gotten worse. Just over a quarter of voters polled believed the state’s economy has improved since the governor took office.

As for the perception of their fellow New Yorkers, Siena found that a plurality — 45 percent — believe things have gotten worse for them economically, while 38 percent believe it has stayed the same.

Cuomo still enjoys a high favorability among most New Yorkers, though it has steadily declined from 65 percent in August 2013 to 58 percent this month. As his job performance has slipped again from 48 percent last month to 46 percent this month.

The reason why New Yorkers don't think the economy has gotten better for them is because it hasn't gotten better for them.

And with a governor in office who is looking to ensure that it only gets better for his Wall Street, bankster and hedge fund manager backers, the chances of it getting better for them in the next four years is slim to none.

It is time to convince a third party candidate to run for governor and take some of the wind out of Sheriff Andy's motorcycle ride.

A poll commissioned by Bill Samuels says a third party candidate from the left could hurt Cuomo overall, driving his re-election numbers down to just over 50%.

Dunno if that actually would happen, but boy would it be fun to see someone try to make Cuomo pay for his corporate whoredom.

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