Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Will Media Call Eva Moskowitz, Charter Allies On Their $3.6 Million Ad Buy In Last Three Weeks?

Eva claims she has no money to pay rent but she and her allies drop $3.6 million on a three week pro-charter/anti-de Blasio ad blitz.

The ads are still running, so that tally on the ad campaign will go higher.

Can you imagine if de Blasio and his allies spent $3.6 million attacking Eva and her Success Academies?

What would the media say about that?

But here we have Moskowitz and her hedge fund friends spending more than $1 million a week attacking de Blasio and crying poverty over the rent and so far, we get mostly silence from the media about this outrage.

What would it take for the clowns on the Morning Joe Clown Show to mention this hypocrisy the next time the charter school issue comes up?


  1. Eva knows how to spend your taxpayer dollars. Of course, Eva can afford to pay rent. She is just a leach.