Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Andrew Cuomo Snub Of Opponent Zephyr Teachout At Parade Goes Viral

And now the rest of America gets to see what an arrogant little man-child our governor is.

Here's Politico's coverage of the Cuomo/De Blasio snub of Teachout

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo greeted participants in New York City’s Labor Day Parade on Saturday, but one person didn’t get a warm welcome: his primary opponent.

A video posted on shows Zephyr Teachout, who is challenging Cuomo in the state’s Democratic primary, approaching the governor at the parade. She tries several times to get his attention, but first an aide asks everyone to step back, and then Cuomo turns away from Teachout, shouting instead to New York Mayor Bill de Blasio. De Blasio moves through the crowd and hugs Cuomo, but neither acknowledges Teachout in the minute-long clip.

The video made waves on Twitter, with commenters calling the exchange “awkward” and “cringeworthy.”
Cuomo is expected to win the Democratic primary on Tuesday, but his reputation and political clout have taken a hit this election year. Teachout and running mate Tim Wu have attempted to brand Cuomo as being out of touch with progressivism in New York, including economic and labor issues.

There's not a ton of comments but some of them are insightful:

Cuomo clearly lacks something: class
I hope he has an 'Eric Canter' moment on election day.


I am a yellow dog Democrat, but the NY times article on Cuomos style of politicking, and this video I'm getting a distinct sense of entitlement. I have to say I hope he loses, the same way Cantor lost...not connecting, too busy, not engaging an opponent in a respectful way., arrogant. He couldn't take the time to be polite. Reminds me of when Clayton Williams refused to shake Ann Richards hand after a debate.


God, I hope this video gets so many views it crashes the Internet. How is this megalomaniac a lock for reelection?

Cuomo is a coward. The fact that he said "debates are a disservice to democracy" should get him kicked out of office. Debates are a vital element in a democracy. This country was founded on debating ideas. He's a total joke.


I just can't believe this guy has such a commanding lead in the polls. He's about as savory as the liquid slop at the bottom of a dumpster, and as inspirational as a late-night infomercial. Great job, NY... your complacency is epic
Gracious, Andrew Cuomo is not. His refusal to debate his opponent had a lot to do with why he didn't have enough class to look her in the eye, let alone shake her hand. He'll win by a landslide in November, no doubt, just as Nixon did in '72. After that, we'll find out whether the U.S. attorney considers him above the law.

Indeed, we will find out whether the US attorney considers him above the law soon enough - and the same for one of the aides who blocked Teachout's route to Cuomo:

The guy that blocked her is Joe Percoco, a key figure in the US Attorney investigation into Cuomo shielding himself from the anti-corruption Moreland Commission

The Daily News reported that Cuomo's henchmen were desperate to keep Teachout from getting to their boss or his running mate, Kathy Hochul, that they were yelling "Someone get her out of here!" as Teachout approached Cuomo to shake his hand:

Democratic challenger Zephyr Teachout got within arm’s length of Gov. Cuomo on Saturday, but all she got was a cold shoulder.

Teachout, who is running against Cuomo in Tuesday’s primary, tried several times to approach him during the Labor Day Parade on Fifth Ave.

She first encountered Cuomo aide Joe Percoco, who immediately stepped in between her and Cuomo, a video posted on shows.

Percoco trailed her as she walked around him to get to her opponent, and once again, the handler got between Teachout and Cuomo.

Teachout said “hi” to Cuomo, the governor ignored her like she was the invisible woman and repeatedly asked, “Where’s Mayor Bill de Blasio?” Hizzoner waded through the crowd and gave Cuomo a kiss on the cheek.
  Teachout also tapped Cuomo’s running mate, former Congresswoman Kathy Hochul, on her shoulder.

Hochul was also frosty. She never turned around to face Teachout, giving her a steady view of her back.

“I just wanted to say hello as a courtesy,” Teachout said after Cuomo’s snub. “We’ve been running against each other, and it seems pretty clear by now he’s not going to debate.”

Cuomo has refused to debate the Fordham law professor.

“Someone get her out of here!” someone screamed.

That ought to be the Cuomo campaign motto:

 “Someone get her out of here!”

In case you missed the video, here it is again:


  1. Typical 1 % asshole...

  2. ...and look at his meathead body guard running interference...what a joke...

    1. That meathead is chief Cuomo aide, Joe Percoco, the man who "offered" to write pro-Cuomo statements for Moreland Commissioners back in July. He's been subpoenaed in the Moreland case and you can bet Labor Day wasn't the only day he ran interference for Cuomo.

  3. ...yes, 1% asshole's body language states: "You don't exist, since I Rule..."

  4. I really wish I was registered to vote down here.

    1. I live in Jersey, so cannot vote. It's killing me. Am registered Dem, unlike my wife (she's an independent), so I can vote in primaries. But not NY primaries!

  5. I see Cuomo's body language as a mix of fear and arrogance. Fear over how he's losing control of things, arrogance that this should not be happening to HIM.

  6. Shameful...this man colluded to keep control of the NY Senate in the hands of TEAPublicans--and allowed them to redistrict in a manner that assures them a chance to govern despite a huge deficit in enrollments. He cannot debate because his record is nothing close to the claims made in his commercials--and he cannot defend his corrupt action in relation to Moreland. Cantor Cuomo--he is awake and concerned now trying to push party insiders to get out and vote. Progressive and others who have been directly harmed by this man need to get out and vote. Zephyr may be tough--but we send the right message--and with Cuomo's legal issues Tim Wu could very well be NY's next Governor!

  7. Nice to see Mulgrew joining his pal Cuomo's posse for the parade. He is in the blue UFT hat at :26.

  8. Doesn't the fact that DeBLasio hugged Cuomo tell you trying to reform the Democrats (vis a vis Teachout or any other establishment Democratic Party member) is a waste of time? Vote Hawkins/Jones.

  9. He is a douche...



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