Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, September 4, 2014

APPR Teacher Evaluation System Mess Thread

James Eterno at ICEUFT blog describes how you can get the same score in the APPR teacher evaluation system and either be "developing" or "ineffective," depending upon, well, nobody's sure what it depends upon:

We knew teachers at a phasing out school would be at a huge disadvantage in terms of the ratings in Advance and informed you of our concerns when you visited Jamaica last May.   As we move ahead, our issues need to be addressed as almost all of the teachers from Jamaica's final year have received adverse ratings. The ratings make no sense.

 How is it possible for one Jamaica HS teacher to have 73 points and still get rated ineffective (0- 64 points is ineffective according to Advance) when other teachers who had fewer points still received developing ratings? Two teachers who had that exact same 73 points as the teacher rated ineffective and were ineffective in both the state and local portion of the rating still received overall developing ratings. Something does not add up right.

Let's start to document circumstances like this so we can build a case against the ADVANCE APPR teacher evaluation system.

It's unconscionable that this "objective" system would rate one teacher "ineffective" when he/she hits 73 total points while giving two others with the same 73 points "developing" ratings (even though both the state and local components were "ineffective," and per Governor Cuomo's instructions, that means these are automatically "ineffective" teachers overall.)

If you've got a story about the mess that is ADVANCE APPR, or you know other teachers at your school who do, put them in the comments section.


  1. I work in a district 75 school. Every teacher in my school went down a category due to state measures. Teachers who teach alternate assessment students don't know how the scores for those were calculated. Sometimes the kids just scribble on the task sheets and we have to turn them in like that.

  2. Thanks for linking. I spoke to VP Janella Hinds yesterday. The UFT is trying to help overturn the adverse ratings.