Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, September 22, 2014

Cuomo Reneges On Deal To Working Families Party

Gee, here's a surprise:

ALBANY—Late last week, Governor Andrew Cuomo sat next to Senate co-leaders Jeff Klein and Dean Skelos at a press conference and announced they had reached a "handshake agreement" on an multi-million dollar item in next year's budget to fund anti-terror efforts. Left unsaid was the fact that such an agreement would become void if the Senate comes under new Democratic leadership, a goal Cuomo promised less than four months ago to work toward.

The event Friday was the latest in a string of Cuomo comments and appearances that seem at odds with the promise he made to the Working Families Party last May in exchange for the party’s endorsement, to help his party take over the majority in the State Senate. (Cuomo, who quietly played a key role in the formation of the the Republican-Independent Democratic coalition that kept the regular Democrats in the Senate minority, had previously avoided committing to any such goal.)

With just six weeks left until the general election, Cuomo has yet to begin campaigning in person for Senate Democrats. And he remains noncommittal on the issue of endorsements.

This is how he's acting before the election.

Wait until after he's re-elected.

He's going to govern as a centrist Republican corporatist once again.

Tell me again why "progressive" Bill de Blasio is campaigning for Cuomo, robocalling for his right wing running mate and helped finagle that Working Families Party deal for him?


  1. We also have this quote from Friday's NY Post...

    "In remarks before the state Business Council, Cuomo boasted of the three years of “zero” wage increases he extracted from state unions while trimming both the work force and pensions for new workers.

    The governor also noted how he took on the teachers union to bolster accountability in public schools."

    Tell me again, why our Union did a back door endorsement of this man?

  2. Mulgrew must be getting something out of this deal. He's got to be. Can anyone do some digging? Got to be a new yacht or sports car at the Mulgrew abode.

  3. De Blasio is an asshole. That is why he is cozy with Cuomo.