Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, September 19, 2014

Cuomo's Memoir "Shelved" Indefinitely, Victim Of Moreland Mess, Cuomo Micromanaging

Gee, who didn't see this coming after the Moreland mess this summer?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan to launch his presidential bid with an inspiring autobiography — the way Barack Obama did with “Dreams of My Father” — has gone haywire, partly because the micromanaging governor doesn’t have enough time.

“It’s a disaster,” said one source. “This could be one of those books that is never finished.”

The HarperCollins book’s original ghostwriter and editor were replaced after several months of work. It’s now likely that Hachette’s unauthorized “The Son Also Rises: A First Biography of Andrew Cuomo,” by Vanity Fair writer Michael Schnayerson, will be published first.

One of Cuomo’s bigger problems is dealing with US Attorney Preet Bharara’s investigation into why Cuomo shut down his anti-corruption Moreland Commission before it had a chance to accomplish anything.

“Who’s going to want to read an inspirational book about how Cuomo got where he is when he is under investigation?” one editor wondered.

Another source said Cuomo is too busy putting out fires to work on his memoir because of problems with two of his top advisers. Howard Glaser, who had been with Cuomo since his days at HUD, left in June. Larry Schwartz, who handled the Moreland shutdown, has been mothballed by the Bharara probe.

“So there’s no one there. Andrew’s running his own show. He needs some help,” my source said. “Because there is no one guiding him, he’s now micromanaging the book himself.”

Going to be a swell second term, with Cuomo's henchmen either jumping ship or under criminal investigation and Cuomo having to run things himself.

And that's assuming that Cuomo himself isn't indicted for Moreland.

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