Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

What Common Core Proponents Like David Coleman Have Wrought In Kindergarten

Remember when ELA Common Core architect David Coleman famously told parents at a NY State Board of Regents meeting that no one gives a shit what their kids think or feel about things?

Here's how some of that Coleman wisdom is playing out in kindergarten these days:

Writing lessons also have changed.

"In kindergarten we always taught them writing," she said. "But 15 years ago it was more personal, 'Tell me a story about your family.' 'Tell me more about something the class did.'

 "Now we have broader topics, 'Tell me how to make pancakes. Give me directions. Tell me about giraffes,' or whatever topic the student is interested in."

Notice the shift - from learning about self, family and human society to learning informational lessons about external topics.

The teacher in this article says the informational lessons about external topics come from the students themselves ("whatever topic the student is interested in") and this may be so.

Still, I think an important part of childhood, puberty and adult is learning about self.

Who am I?

Where do I come from?

Where am I going?

Who I am in the process of becoming?

Why do I think and/or feel the way I do?

Are all these thoughts and feelings mine or are some of them left over from my parents/family/society?

These are important questions to ponder, but in the new era of the Common Core, these kinds of questions are replaced with "How do you make pancakes?" or "Give me directions on how to get to the Apple Store."

The powers that be in this country want a populace divorced from their own thoughts and feelings, incapable of critical thinking or deep questioning.

They want a populace that can follow orders and comply with directions - make pancakes, get to the Apple store - because that makes for a good consumer society.

What they don't want is a populace who have been taught as children to think for themselves, to learn about themselves, to question society when their own internal signals tell them something's wrong in what they're seeing around them.

That kindergarten children no longer tell stories about themselves or their families and instead repeat directions for how to make pancakes is not a mistake in judgment by David Coleman and the Common Core architects, proponents, and funders like Bill Gates.

It's part of the social engineering of the populace the owners of this country want done to help them maintain their power and privilege.

They're educating the Common Core Era children to be mindless drones who can parrot directions but do not know themselves, do not understand themselves, cannot question themselves or their society.

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