Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Why You Should Support Tim Wu Over Kathy Hochul For Lieutenant Governor

Zephyr Teachout's running mate, Columbia University law professor Tim Wu, has a decent shot to beat Governor Cuomo's running mate, Kathy Hochul, for the lieutenant governor slot.

The Cuomo people want you to think Wu isn't a very serious person, that you should vote Hochul because she is very serious.

Here's Wu's rebuttal to that:

Wu also responded to an attack from former governor (and lieutenant governor) David Paterson, who told the Daily News that Wu was not prepared for the job.

“It reveals desperation. They were weak. You know, Paterson … I’m going to do a lot more than David Paterson did in that job,” he said.

“I was a Supreme Court clerk and they’re saying, ‘Oh, we’re not sure if he’s qualified or serious,’" Wu said later. "I’ve done incredibly serious jobs. I worked on the Supreme Court of the United States. That is a serious job. Kathy Hochul is a bank lobbyist. Who says we need another bank lobbyist in Albany?”

Wu's right - that Cuomo has to use David Paterson to attack Wu tells you everything you need to know about the state of the campaign.

He's also right that we don't need another bankster pal in power in Albany.

We already have one in the form of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo.

Vote Teachout/Wu next Tuesday.


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