Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Assembly Dems Look To Cap Charter School Executive Pay

Let's call this the Eva Moskowitz rule:

As the debate continues over education policy in the state, Assembly Democrats this week introduced a measure that would cap executive pay at charter schools that receive state funds.

One of the bill’s main sponsors, Assemblywoman Deborah Glick of Manhattan, said the measure was being developed last year, before Gov. Andrew Cuomo unveiled his $142 billion state budget that includes plans to strengthen charter schools by raising the statewide cap and providing more per pupil tuition assistance.

The legislation would cap executive pay at the schools at $199,000.

Glick in an interview said the measure was meant to provide more accountability and transparency for both charter schools that receive state funds and their leadership.

“There are charter schools that are more corporate than others that receive significant outside support,” Glick said. “Their argument is they are being paid by these outside dollars. If they continue to be cast as public schools and get additional outside support, they can’t continue to have it both ways.”

Glick added that executives at charter schools shouldn’t be paid more than, say, the chancellor of the city’s public schools system.

“I think if you are projecting your charter school as a public school, you certainly should not be receiving more compensation than the chancellor of the city school system,” she said.

Two things to note here:

The bill has no sponsor in the Senate.

The charter industry is against it.

Well, three things to note:

Governor Cuomo pushed through an executive order in the past capping executive pay at non-profits.

No word on whether Governor Accountability will support Glick's bill capping charter school executive pay.


  1. I'd be stoked to see Evil Moskowitz have to work some night shifts at Flashdancers to score some more coin if her current $500,000 day gig took a hit.

    1. My sense is, this will never pass in the State Senate and even if it did, Cuomo won't sign it.

      As always w/ charters, they're public schools when it's convenient, private schools when it's not.

      When it comes to Eva raking in $500K+, its convenient for them to be private schools.

      When it comes to Eva raking in millions in taxpayer subsidies to pay for her school's rent, they're public schools.

      The hypocrisy of these charter people and their political supporters knows no bounds.

  2. The NY State Senators under the leadership of Dean Skelos are all pay- for -play players. The notion that responsible legislation restricting executive pay for Charter School executives is very far fetched given the environment of rampant corruption under Governor Cuomo's feckless leadership.

  3. sorry eva looks like macaroni and cheese for dinner when they pass this know the mac and cheese your kids eat and you tell them its grea