Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Gothamist: What's Cuomo Hiding?

The press coverage of Cuomo is brutal these days.

Here's Gothamist on The Great Cuomo Administration Email Enema:

It's a new dawn in the Empire State. Unemployment is below 6%. A $10 billion deficit is now a $5 billion surplus. Crime keeps falling. Pre-K for all. Lucrative book deals for some. Because every 90 days, Governor Cuomo deletes a shitload of his administration's internal emails.

Capital reports that while Cuomo's inbox enemas have been standard procedure since 2013, it's only now, after the governor disbanded his ethics commission and watched the federal government arrest his legislative partner and the second most-powerful Democrat in the state, that this mass-deletion policy is being strictly enforced.


Is Cuomo concerned that federal prosecutors might find some interesting emails in his administration's inbox? Exchanges with former Speaker Silver? Emojis to the real estate lobby? Hot rod .gifs to Comcast? Details about how he oversaw the passage of tax breaks that benefitted News Corporation, the parent company of the publishing house that gave him an $188,000 book deal for hagiographic trash that no one wants to read?

The International Business Times noticed that oh yeah, gosh, that special tax break for online-only publications, like the one that News Corp created, and additional tax breaks for movie shoots, they were passed with Cuomo's help right before Cuomo got that book deal with HarperCollins, a News Corp subsidiary.

In other news, the Cuomo administration has announced the ghost of Rose Mary Woods has been hired by the administration to handle all email archiving.

It's official: Cuomo's lost control of the narrative of his administration.

Let's keep the pressure on, folks - blog, tweet, post on Facebook and write letters to your newspapers:

What's Cuomo hiding with his mass email purge?

What evidence has he already had destroyed in the hopes of saving himself?

And when does he join Shelly Silver for a police car ride to central booking?