Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, February 2, 2015

Prostitute Scandal At Cuomo's Thruway Authority

It's like Spitzer never left:

ALBANY — Investigators are looking into whether top Thruway Authority officials used their state phones to make arrangements with call girls, the Daily News has learned.


It’s unclear how many people are being looked at. But sources say it is believed that at least one and maybe more used their office phones or work cellphones to arrange the meetings.

Amid the probe, authority Executive Director Thomas Madison and chief financial officer John Bryan resigned at the end of the year.

Billionaire developer Howard Milstein also recently resigned as the chairman.  
One source said Milstein, a big-time donor to Gov. Cuomo, left to avoid getting caught up in the controversy once the IG report is released. But another source denied that was the case, saying Milstein had planned to leave after Cuomo’s first term.

It's turning out to be a hell of a start to the political year for Governor Cuomo.

He has his "Opportunity Agenda" speech moment stolen by the feds when US Attorney Preet Bharara arrested Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver the next day.

Speculation is spreading that Cuomo himself is a target of the federal investigation.

Now Cuomo's got a hooker scandal at the Thruway Authority that was helmed by one of his big donors.

But he's going to push through a slate of education reforms because the biggest problem the state is facing is "bad teachers."

Never mind the corrupt politicians, the corrupt governor, the slew of Albany arrests and indictments (and promises of more to come) and now the hooker scandal at the Thruway Authority that may involve one of Cuomo's big donors.


  1. This is piss-ante stuff when the biggest whore in the state occupies the Governor's mansion.

    1. Cuomo saying today he will force gov't shutdown if Legislature doesn't enact his reform agenda. Unclear if it's just the ethics reforms or if he'll lump the education reforms in too.