Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Siena Poll: Only 10% Of NYers Blame Teachers For The Failure Of Public Schools

New Siena poll out this morning showing Governor Cuomo's job approval rating at 44%.

The poll asks a few questions about Cuomo's education agenda and which side voters support in the "war of words" between the governor and the teachers unions.

Here is the most striking finding:

Of the following choices, which do you think is the SINGLE biggest reason why note enough children graduate from high school college and career ready?
Teachers 10%
Not Enough Parental Involvement 37%
Insufficient Money Being Spent On Education 18%
Effects Of Poverty 17%
Ineffective State Education Oversight 12%
Other 3%
Don't Know 3%

In addition, Siena asks who voters back in the "war of words" between the governor and the teachers unions over his education agenda:
Teachers Unions 48%
Governor Cuomo 36%
Both 2%
Neither 6%
Don't Know 8%

Finally, Cuomo's job approval rating has fallen yet again - it now stands at 44%-55%.  That's down three points from the last poll.

More on this poll later, but suffice to say for now - other than on the tenure issue where the Siena poll found voters agree that tenure should take 5 years to get, New Yorkers are not siding with Governor Cuomo on his education reform agenda and they do NOT blame teachers for the struggles of public schools in the state.


  1. How does one make sure that Cuomo and his lackeys receive this report so that they realize that they are not the majority but the minority in education. One has to believe that Cuomo will read / get this information/poll regarding his fantasy education agenda and his money backed charter goons who know nothing about education but rather see $$$$$$ in trying to tap into the public school sector.

  2. What makes you think he cares? He does what he wants and what he wants is to help charter schools make money. Best way to do that is to destroy education. He doesn't care about the kids. He knows this is hurting kids and teachers.

  3. He's beholden to his investors, the hedge fund "community." There's no incentive for him to listen to the mere people.