Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cuomo's Coming For Community Colleges Next

From the Buffalo News:

Community colleges must do a better job teaming with employers to teach the specific skills and knowledge employers demand for their employees, instead of allowing students to rack up debt taking courses that don’t lead to jobs, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said Tuesday in explaining some of his latest proposals for higher education.

Chiding community colleges for what he called “abysmal” graduation rates, Cuomo said his budget seeks to align what community colleges teach with the economic development goals of a particular region so that employers seeking skilled workers will have a steady supply.

Actually, students wouldn't rack up so much debt at community colleges if Cuomo didn't keep raising tuition at them, but that's neither here nor there in this.

Because what's worrisome is, the same geniuses who get to hold K-12 "accountable" are going to get to do the same for community colleges under Cuomo's plan:

Cuomo wants to shift the state’s support for community colleges, as well as for State University of New York campuses, from the current enrollment-driven formula to one that bases a portion of state aid on performance in areas such as access, completion rates and job placement. His budget proposal calls for 10 percent of base operating aid to be contingent on colleges and universities completing “performance improvement plans.”

Oh, goodie - more mandates, more accountability measures, more SED bureaucrats, more "competition" and, new to community colleges, a "performance improvement plan."

In Cuomo's view, there is nothing he and his state minions cannot solve with a few carrots and a whole lot of sticks.


  1. The federal government is already playing this game with community colleges by restricting financial aid.

  2. Look at this plan for what it really is: Tracking of free people by the government. Remember, they can't control you if they can't track you.

  3. What an idiot...who won't he he just going on a spree before the indictments come?

    1. You got it, or is an edreform jihadi exempt from being Bharara's target?