Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Trading Places: Education Edition

A commenter at Perdido Street School blog responds to Ruben Diaz Sr.'s assertion that the NYCDOE dumps the "worst teachers" into the Bronx:

NYCDOE dumps "the worst teachers" in the city into the Bronx? Seriously Lord Cuomo? In your blackest heart of hearts do you really believe this? And you really believe that the "best teachers" can close the learning gap produced by generational poverty and the hopelessness it breeds?

Then take this simple suggestion: A "Trading Places" pilot program that would save a lot of time, money, and energy. Take the best 8th grade math and ELA teachers in your Byram Hills district and switch them with the "worst" math and ELA teachers in the Bronx. Give it two years to be fair - and watch the miracle happen. Those "worst" teachers from the Bronx will suddenly find themselves on the highly effective list. What simple way to improve teacher performance. And its free. Oh, and those Byram Hills teachers - you can simply fill their resignations with some TFAers.

A fantastic idea, and one that I think we should push.

Switch the "bad teachers" from the "failing schools" with the "excellent teachers" from the "excellent schools" and let's see how things look after two years.

Even have a dollar to put up for the bet.

What say you, Mortimer?




Care for an experiment?


  1. Hysterical!!!!
    They actually got a quote from Ruben Diaz, senior? HUHH?
    What's next? Alex Rodriguez talking about how bad it is to take steroids? No one should do it.
    Ah haha ha haaaa!!!! Love it. So funny. This system is NUTSSS!!!! Bring on the:
    Cell Phones
    No Suspensions
    New 50% Evaluation Benchmarks
    and more.
    Such a total mess. Thank GOD I live in Westchester. Thank you LORD. My kids have no ties to the NYC DOE. Thank you, no really, thank you.

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