Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Calling Out A StudentsFirstNY Shill

I was teaching today, so I wasn't able to watch any of the budget hearings on Cuomo's education proposals, but apparently this happened:

Leonie raises a great point - the most vocal supporters of Cuomo's education reform proposals, particularly on teacher evaluations, are the charter people and their paid shills (like the StudentsFirst hacks.)

These reforms the charter supporters love don't impact charters, just public schools.

The charter shills loves this because it's another way they can drag public schools down, force more money to be spent on compliance instead of education and just generally make public schools worse through added, unnecessary mandates.

In the end, most of the charter people really do want to destroy public education.

It's a zero sum game, so every dollar taken from public schools, every school closed, every increase of the cap means more money, space and resources for them.

In any case, it's good to see someone call one of these StudentsFirst shills out publicly.


  1. I'm sorry, can you please confirm bottom line in simple terms? Are you saying the reforms that Cuomo wants are not followed in charters? If so, why?

    1. Charters grade their own Regents tests, while regular public school teachers are not trusted to do the same.

      Charters can call off a school day for Albany demonstrations.

  2. Perhaps we can start a list of NYS systems in crisis other than education.

    Here is a start:

    1. MTA ( How many fatal accidents do we need before there is serious reform of safety measures ? )

    Any others to add to the list?

  3. Let's set up a charter MTA - people need choice when choosing a transportation system. Tell Cuomo it is a monopoly.

  4. There were three charter school advocates, forgive me for not remembering who they represent. The meeting are archived, and they spoke at around 4PM if anyone is interested. One of the legislators (older gentleman, I am sorry I do not know all the names), and I am paraphrasing. "I would not get in between a mother and a charter, but we know charters cream. Why don't you care what happens to the students who are still in the public schools?"

    There was a lackluster response from the charter panel.
    Christine Zirkelbach


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