Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

545 out of 674 School Districts Seek Waivers From Cuomo's APPR Teacher Evaluation System

From the Times Union:

Well over half of New York school districts may be exempt from implementing a new, controversial teacher evaluation system this year that relies heavily on student test scores. 
As of Tuesday afternoon, the State Education Department had approved hardship waivers for 420 school districts who said circumstances prevent them from putting the new system into place during the current school year. In addition, 106 districts are still awaiting approval for waivers. Nineteen districts were denied waivers. 
"The term denial may not be appropriate here, since the applications can be edited and resubmitted," a department spokeswoman wrote in an email. "We anticipate all 19 of these applications will be resubmitted." 
The deadline to submit a waiver application to the State Education Department is Friday.

Here is what Politco NY reported on October 5:

ALBANY — The vast majority of school districts and teachers' unions seem to be having difficulty coming to an agreement on a new teacher evaluation system supported by Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

As of the end of last week, only 12 plans had been approved, with another 47 submitted for review, according to the state education department. There are 674 districts statewide.

So if my pre-Common Core math is correct, 420 + 106 = 526.

Add another 19 for districts that have to resubmit waiver paperwork and you get 545 total.

Out of 674 districts statewide, it looks like 545 will be getting waivers for the year from instituting Cuomo's vaunted new APPR teacher evaluation plan.

Think about that.

I'm an English major by trade and my math skills aren't the best, but I think that means about 80% of New York's school districts are seeked (and look to be getting) waivers from SED for the vauned new Cuomo APPR system.


  1. As a non-tested specialty teacher, I actually wish I was in one of those few districts that are actually going throgh with the new evaluation system. (Yes, I know that 50% of my evaluation is from ELA and math test scores of the students in my but that does not bother me as they do ok on those) I am envious of those few districts that will only have two observations while everyone else is still stuck with 4-6 observations.

    1. Yeah, UFT did a crap job of negotiating that one. My district currently has 1 full period observation and 1 "drop in" for about 15-20 minutes (by the same administrator).

    2. This is EXACTLY why I am looking forward to a new evaluation in NYC. Only two observations. (One will by the principal and one by the outside evaluator) I can't wait for this. It will "almost" be back to the way things used to be!

  2. I am thrilled that my evaluation will not just be based on my principal's opinion of my teaching. Two years in a row she tried to rate me developing but my test scores saved me and gave me an effective. I welcome the new evaluation system even though it's based on test scores because I don't trust my principal to evaluate me fairly.

  3. RBE
    What do you think will happen to eval in nyc?

    1. Waiver, what we have now stays for the year.

      Going forward, we'll see.

      Cuomo's not going to want to give on the evaluation, but pressure is mounting and he may have to.

      But don't be surprised if the iteration we have now survives.

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