Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, October 10, 2015

NYCDOE Website Crashes As Payroll Reveals Retro Payments (UPDATED - 5:55 PM)

My friend NYCDOEnuts:

Probably not an accident that the website was taken down for "maintenance" at the same time the retro money was revealed in paycheck stubs:

Rage Against The Levene puts it all in persepctive for us:

I don't know if you heard teachers made the website crash because the retro check amounts were posted.

Imagine if they voted.



UPDATE: John Galvin tweets the following:

Fair enough, perhaps the maintenance was scheduled by the DOE beforehand.

I still couldn't get on the payroll site the few times I tried throughout the day yesterday.


  1. Imagine if the UFT actually told us the formula to figure out our back pay. How are we supposed to check the amount to see if it is correct. just think 10.00 $ short X 100,000 UFT members = 1 million $. 100 $ short X 100,000 UFT'ers 10 million. temptation is there

  2. I received several emails advising that the DOE website would be down starting Friday evening, something about the FDNY -- I can't access my email to confirm details. My Principal forwarded the notice to everyone as well.

    I was able to access my pay stub during my lunch period on Friday and immediately emailed the rest of the staff that retro information was available. Many were able to view their checks, but as the day went on the site got slower. I tried again in the evening but couldn't get through and then the site went down.

    I think it was just bad timing and not some type of conspiracy because, like I said, many were able to view their pay stubs before the site went down. Also, what benefit would DOE derive from delayed viewing?

    OK, just my 2 cents.

    Mary Ahern

  3. According to e-mails from the DOE, this maintenance was planned. As far as the website crashing, I started trying to access my stub at 11am. I couldn't get on. By 3pm, the whole site was down.

  4. 7:30 AM 10/11/15 Main page is still down but you can access employee page with I was able to open my email and was able to get to first log on of payroll portal but couldn't get to the next page. Hopefully they're working on it.

    Mary A

    1. It's 11:30 am and I hit the same wall you did. Wonder what they're spending on tech support, that it works so well for so long!

  5. Hey that's my tweet! lol.

    My sources were always consistent: Generally speaking, people in the BOE (now DOE) bureaucratic structure simply do not like teachers, I could tell stories, but I won't here. Suffice, I think at least part of the reason it was scheduled this weekend, as opposed to another weekend in say August or the end of December, was because it would inconvenience teachers during their long awaited retro details. Just my opinion (based on my experience with a whole bunch of people who don't like that our job is so great!!)

    Be well!!

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