Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Saturday, October 3, 2015

NEA Endorses Hillary Clinton

As many others jump off the Clinton bandwagon, the NEA jumps on:

The National Education Association, the nation’s largest labor union, endorsed Hillary Rodham Clinton on Saturday for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination.

“We recommended Hillary Clinton on the incredible and lengthy track record she has, that is just wrapped around children, working families and education, from preschool to graduate school,” NEA president Lily Eskelsen García said.

Seventy-five percent of the union’s 170-member board backed Clinton.

The nod from the NEA gives Clinton a much-needed boost, after the International Association of Firefighters earlier this week backed away from plans to endorse her.

Not unexpected, of course, but nonetheless inexplicable.

As Clinton sinks in polls and under the weight of an email controversy she still hasn't shown she can put to rest, concurrent to another union pulling back from an endorsement announcement, the NEA endorses Clinton.

Makes little sense politically at this point - but that didn't stop the leadership from doing what it wanted to do anyway.


  1. Lol I only think this HELPS Bernie. Brings attention to what a bad decision this is

  2. More non representation of the rank and file from so called Union Leadership. Are all the board members getting free trips to DisneyWorld or something? This has got to stop and workers need to reclaim their unions.

  3. Someone ought to let Ms Lily Eskelsen Garcia, another bought and paid for mouthpiece, that this teacher along with many of my colleagues will not vote for Hillary Clinton.

    The fact that the NEA has endorsed her comes as no surprise, and to be very honest, it is quite "hilarious".

    Just another "sign of the times"...a time in our lives that is long overdue to come to an end...


    RBE you have to read this whole article. Beyond the sickening rape, read the stats of what was found about teacher turnover, etc

  5. The union leadership has never been more detached from the membership. Makes me sick that I have to pay dues to any of these organizations. I hope the US Supreme Court overturns dues checkoff and makes these unions start to cater to us in fear they are going to be put out of business.

  6. Watch the video of Secretary Clinton answering questions from the NEA Board before you judge. We cannot afford to allow a Republican to win the White House. Every one has vowed that we - public educators and public educator unions, are the enemy. We must coalesce behind Clinton. She can win. It is too late for Biden to join. He will be a spoiler if he does. Sanders has a passionaate but narrow base.