Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, October 12, 2015

Will Preet Bharara Be Andrew Cuomo's "Friend"?

From The Albany Smudge:

ALBANY – In a clandestine effort to avoid the possibility of federal prosecution, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has sent a Facebook “friend” request to Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara.

The move comes at a time when the feds are investigating the contracting process connected to the state’s billion-dollar Buffalo investment, which has spurred a flurry of construction throughout the Queen City.

Cuomo sent the request to Bharara on Sept. 23, according to a Capitol source, who added the governor reportedly logs onto the social media network numerous times a day to see whether the federal prosector has accepted his offer.

“The governor finds it extremely encouraging that Preet has, thus far, not rejected his friend request,” the source said. "He seems confident his request will be accepted.”


Bharara, who spearheaded corruption cases against ex-Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and ex-Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, is “scaring the bejesus out of Cuomo,” according to one Albany insider.

Obviously a joke but also an indication that the idea that Cuomo is scared witless over Bharara and is trying to do anything to avoid getting ensnared in the prosecutor's cases is slowly but surely making its way deep into the collective consciousness.


  1. Especially the consciousness and zeitgeist of one RBE,eh?

    1. Judging by the press coverage the past few weeks, not just mine:

  2. Cult of Preety Boy or just Chico haters?

  3. Nothing has convinced me that Preet is anything more than Cuomo's tool. He went after everyone Cuomo wanted. I don't think Andy's losing any sleep over ol' Preety boy. I think a unified front between parents NYSUT and UFT would petrify Andy. Why can't UFT do the right thing, tactically, here?

  4. The UFT? Come on. I think we would have to start by pulling Mulgrews head out of his ass.


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