Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Back To Sort Of Roughing It

Lost water again when the water pump in the building went on fire.

Seems to have been damaged in the flood.

Unfortunately I had let all the water we had in the tub drain and didn't refill it after showers because there are some rust spots that noticeably worsened during the time I was using the tub as a water container.

I guess that was a mistake.

They're pumping six feet of water out of the elevator shafts of my building, so we're still walking up and down eleven flights.

I can live with that - it's the people with dogs and children on the upper floors who I feel bad for.

Then the power went out again while I was out trying to mail something important.

We were walking up the stairs when all went dark - luckily we had brought our flash lights.

Didn't get too bad a surge, so the computer didn't get damaged , but again, something to think about:

Shut computer off before leaving.

It's amazing how easily I can get lulled back into "Everything is O.K.!" - put my water and power back on and all seems liveable.

But things are still tenuous here.

The power is in and out and many parts of the city still seem to be without.

The ties to our technologized civilization are thin indeed.

I must remember that before I leave the house again with my computer on!

Anyway, will continue to post as I am able.

I saw a lot of damage around my neighborhood.

I have heard of some very bad damage suffered by my friends and fellow ed bloggers.

My thoughts are with you.

It is truly not "just a regular work day."


  1. Hang in there. Thanks for reporting!

  2. Sorry to hear what happened. Harsh weather can certainly be troublesome. And after that kind of incident, water damage is one of the biggest problems people have to deal with. Anyway, how’s the building now? I think the people should also worry about the health hazards of water damage, especially for the people with kids on the upper floor, as kids have the weakest immune system.