Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, October 29, 2012

Bloomberg Defends Bovis, Says Nothing To Worry About Toxic Sludge In Gowanus

Watching the latest Bloomberg press conference.

The one time he actually showed life is when a reporter connected the crane collapse at One57 to the Deutsche Bank Building - he defended Bovis as an excellent company with a great safety record.

 "Bovis is one of the best and biggest construction companies in the world."

Sure - tell that to the families of the dead firemen from the Deutsche Bank Building.

Nothing angers Mayor Mikey more than criticizing one of his favorite crony companies.

He was also asked about the Gowanus canal that is flooding into the surrounding neighborhood and whether it is a concern because of toxins.

He says no, shouldn't be a problem.  It's just a little flooding, will get cleaned up fast.

Keeps saying over and over, this has been a successful response - this has been as bad a storm as we have ever seen, but so far there have been no fatalities so far

So he finally admits this isn't just another "regular work day," which is a minor miracle in and of itself, but he still won't explain if this is the worst storm the city is ever seen in modern day why he brought city employees into work today.

I can't seem to wrap my head around that.

As for the Gowanus flooding, the Bloomberg stooge who took over the response from the mayor certainly didn't inspire much confidence in his answer - he hemmed and hawed the whole thing.


  1. For NYC reporters, every press conference with the mayor is a possible future job interview, right? Have to cut them some slack on that account, I say. I have to say it probably beats working for Murdoch.

    Talk about the lesser of two evils...

  2. It's really true. David Sirota had a great piece about that a few weeks ago: