Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, October 29, 2012

Bloomberg: NYC Schools Closed Again Tomorrow, City Government Offices Are Open

Says city government workers are here to serve.

Oh, yeah - Bloomberg cares a lot about serving New Yorkers.

Ever see how much he cares at a PEP meeting?

It's Bloomberg First. Always.

His way or the highway.

Clearly he's got some point to make here by making sure you can go in and get, as one commenter at the NYC Twitter site put it, a conditional building permit in the middle of a hurricane.

I'd say he's being an asshole about this, but that would be unfair to assholes.

As for the schools thing, if he has to close schools for any other days this year, you can bet the regular school year will be extended into July.


  1. ce site semble différent lol

    Construction Permits NYC prepares Architectural Plans and filing Department of Buildings Applications, to removing violations and lowering imposed fines.

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