Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Power In And Out

The power is in and out where I am. 

Most of the city seems to still be without power, although down by Exchange Place and around Grove seems to mostly have power. 

Beyond that, there's a lot of darkness for a third night in a row.

I'm grateful, even for intermittent power that may go out again at any time. 

We went out for pizza tonight in Paulus Hook and you almost could believe nothing had happened the other night. 

But talking to people in the restaurant, a lot of people are still without power, even in downtown JC.

They, like we, were grateful for hot pizza and a place to go and watch the news.

We saw some sad things on the way to the restaurant.

A little ice cream place that got flooded out last year during Irene sustained major damage once again this time around.

It breaks my heart to see that.

Meanwhile Goldman Sachs looks impervious over on the JC waterfront, all powered up and sandbagged.

It's the kind of thing that happens.

200 schools were damaged during Hurricane Sandy but somehow Tweed and City Hall remained unscathed.

No wonder Walcott and Bloomberg are bringing teachers in for a Friday PD session.

From where they are, things look rosy.

From where I am, they don't look so rosy.

I see a lot of destruction around here and I'm reading some heartbreaking stories about destruction elsewhere.

Seems like the least they could do is let people try and get their lives together before bringing them in for some Common Core work.

That would taken common decency, though, and that's something that Bloomberg and Walcott are both lacking.

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