Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Will De Blasio Get "Liu'ed" For Saying He Wants To Work With Labor?

The corporate shills at the Daily News took Public Advocate Bill de Blasio to task in an editorial today for saying he believes in defined pension benefits for public workers over 401(k) plans:

Later, in an interview, de Blasio ruled out trying to switching future city employees from traditional pensions to a 401(k)-style retirement savings plan.

“I believe in defined benefit pensions, and I don’t want to move away from it,” he said, adding, when pressed for details, “I want to work with labor, by gathering everyone around the table.”

This statement about pensions, along with his willingness to work with as opposed to do to labor groups, infuriates the corporate shills at the Daily News.

They promptly declare de Blasio is "off to a bad start" in his quest to be mayor at the end of the editorial.

Now this is the kind of thing that can be a problem for a candidate and politician.

The corporate media went after Comptroller John Liu early and often for standing with labor and the working families of this city and have helped smear him as a "crook" over campaign finance fraud even though no charges have ever been filed against Liu and the associate of his who has been arrested has claimed the Feds tried to get him to manufacture charges against the comptroller.

The ironic thing about all of this is, Mayor Bloomberg admitted in a court of law that he laundered $1.1 million dollars through illegal channels to the Independence Party, and yet somehow he is not smeared by the Daily News and the Post as a campaign finance fraudster the way the unindicted Liu is.

Still, while he is no Liu and does a much better job of assuaging the hedge fundies of this city by doing nothing to upset them, De Blasio had better watch out when he talks to the DN corporate shillsters about labor.

Make enough statements about how you want to work with labor and you support pensions over 401(k) voodoo and you'll end up like John Liu - a target for the corporate shillsters in the press to smear


  1. Welll, I'm glad that De Blasio wants to stick with defined benefit plans, but it makes me a little nervous about working with unions on pension reform--considering the UFT's recent track record.

  2. Every time I hear the word "reform," I grab my wallet. You know that means the Boys on Wall Street are looking to make some money - from pension reform to education reform to campaign finance reform to market reform - the Boys on Wall Street always come out ahead on so-called reform.