Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, October 19, 2012

It's Like Chicago Never Happened

Weingarten praising a sell-out contract negotiated by an AFT affiliate that promotes merit pay over salary steps, gets rid of differentials for Master's and Ph.D's, and is hailed as a model contract for collaboration between reformers and a union.

It's like Chicago never happened.

The next time Weingarten or one of her shills comes around slinging shit about standing up to the corporate reformers, remember that when the chips are down, Randi and the AFT (and Mikey and the UFT) are ALWAYS ready for a sell-out.


  1. She's clearly a mole. She is even Broad Academy, which discredits her right there.

  2. There is no collaborating with the likes of Eclipse Christie. The idea that anyone was able to is more privatizer compost for all the dopes hoping to keep their newspaper jobs to spread about the heads of the uninformed who think the phrase education reform actually has anything to do with the either of the 2 words. Why don't the data rapers show us all their data for the success of merit pay ? I just showed it to you, didn't take long did it?

    1. They can't show the merit pay success data because there is none. But nonetheless, there's Randi Weingarten, out to sell this as a model of collaboration between teachers and reformers.

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