Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

When Are The Problems In NYC Schools Bloomberg's Fault?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't Michael Bloomberg been in charge of the NYC school system for ten years now?

At what point does he own the problems in the system?

When are the plummeting school report card grades his problem?

When are the stagnant test scores his fault?

When is the phonied up grad rate his?

These flunkies at the NYCDOE like to skirt accountability even as they push it on teachers, administrators and schools.

But the person who likes to skirt accountability the most while pointing fingers at others is the Mayor of Money himself.

The corporate media and the corporate shills who work as "journalists" in it help this along by refusing to call him on this.

Perhaps they worry they may have to work for him some day when he buys up the rest of New York's print media.

Perhaps they just don't want to challenge him.

Whatever the case, few in the media ask the question: Why Aren't The Problems In NYC Schools Bloomberg's Fault?

After all, he has had autocratic control now for a decade.

If anybody should be held "accountable" for the problems in the system, it ought to be the guy with total control of it.


  1. Silly! Accountability is like taxes, it's only for the little people.

  2. Bloomberg cannot be held accountable because all his data-driven drivel exempts him from all the blame. He is protected by his billions!

  3. And when you own all the media, you get to frame the stories any way you want. Sure I've had autocratic control of the schools for ten years, but those "bad teachers" have kept me from making the system good for all.

    Maybe someday some intrepid journalist will actually call him on this.