Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Why Hasn't Bloomberg Announced Mandatory Evacuations Yet?

Bloomberg was supposed to update the city about the storm at 11 AM.  So far, no Bloomberg, but as I watch the TV weathercasters talk about this storm, they are ALL saying this storm is so much worse than Irene was last year.

For a storm of this size this late in the season to move east to west is almost unprecedented (Nick Gregory said maybe 3 times in the last 200 years.)

The storm surge is going to hit at high tide on a full moon.

Nick Gregory just said even though the city hasn't made evacuations mandatory, people should do the prudent thing if they live in a flood zone and get out on their own.

That sounds right to me.

Why hasn't Bloomberg already made evacuations mandatory?

Why has he been downplaying this?

Cuomo isn't.

Christie isn't.

But up until now, Bloomberg has.

He still has time to change this.

He needs to do it soon.

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