Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, March 10, 2014

Cuomo Common Core Panel Suggests Increased Professional Development & Training For Members Of The Board Of Regents And NYSED

Cuomo's Common Core panel said increased professional development and training is needed for both the Regents and the functionaries at NYSED since they've managed to screw up so much of their reform agenda, both the development of that agenda and the implementation of it.

So the panel suggested the Regents and SED functionaries be forced to attend ten hours of Common Core training and PD per week for the next three years as part of the...

Nahh - just kidding.

Cuomo's Common Core panel wants more training for teachers, of course:

The report supports local professional development opportunities for teachers as well as a plan that would “showcase” examples of successful implementation in a local area. Schools successfully implementing Common Core would be highlighted for other local teachers and principals.

Oh goodie - more Common Core PD!

Just what I was looking for.

Meanwhile the arrogant people who put all of these reforms together at the Board of Regents and the Gates Foundation, er, New York State Education Department get off scott free.

No accountability for either the Regents or the SED functionaries.

Here's hoping the legislature sends a message tomorrow by throwing some of them out.

More PD.

Just what we need.

Hope it's done by the same geniuses who created the SED modules.


  1. More PD=More money that the state has to spend which should be spent on a more worthy cause. (Hint, class size reduction) The thing that really pisses me off about this crap is that the ed-deformers who are are creating this mess would never subject their own children with this nonsense. Private school students and teachers DO NOT have to contend with all of this garbage. When is it going to end???

  2. It's also the scumbag practices in the corporate world today....people working for nothing (free interns), etc. So now they want the schools to compete to see who can do Common Core the best...u know why? THEY have no fucking idea how to do it themselves..."building airplanes in flight" or some such...what the fuck does that mean...?