Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, March 28, 2014

Sheldon Silver Says Budget Talks "Have Slowed"

From State of Politics:

Assembly Speaker Sheldon made his second impromptu visit down the hallway of the Legislative Correspondence Association Friday morning, confirming to reporters that he is indeed still in Albany and no final agreement had been reached on a spending plan.


Talks have apparently stalled on the budget, Silver said.

“Leaders meetings have not been quite as productive,” Silver said.

He added, “Things did not move as fast as they should have overnight.”

Lawmakers had indicated on Thursday that an announcement on a final agreement for the budget would come Friday. So far, nothing has been scheduled at the Capitol to unveil a budget.

And what's holding up an agreement?

“A whole bunch of issues,” he said, “education, UPK, everything.”

Does that mean the charter stuff is not a done deal?

Probably not (in fact, the hold-up on education seems to be over the two-tiered reimbursement for pre-K), but there's still time to call Silver's office and let him know what you think about the charter school giveaway that is being reported:

Here's his contact:


Might not do any good, but it's worth trying.


  1. I called Silver's office and Linda Rosenthal. Rosenthal's office was very blunt. They said they had charter parents protesting everyday outside their offices but never hear a word for ps parents. People need to let their voices be heard. The only small leverage we have is if these jokers think they might not get reelected.

    1. There we go - the 3-5% in charters are louder. So they get more. Thanks for sharing this - will post about it later.