Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, March 17, 2014

Cuomo Likes Being A "Disruptor" Of Public Schools

From Capital NY:

Governor Andrew Cuomo cast himself as a "disruptive" force in support of charter schools, in a congratulatory appearance on the first episode of John Catsimatidis' new radio show.

"That word is important, John: disruptive," said Cuomo, in a 10-minute appearance on Sunday morning, that included lots of praise from Catsimatidis, a former Republican mayoral candidate.

"We have a big bureaucracy with a system that is entrenched, and it funds public education," Cuomo said. "They have their lobbyists and they have their little public relations teams, and they have their front groups and their advocates, and this is disruptive to that entire system, which is a multi-billion dollar system, so you get a lot of pressure against charter schools."

Somehow he fails to mention the charter school lobbyists with the hedge fundie cash that they're handing over to politicians like himself and the IDC Dems like Jeff Klein to ensure that favored charter school operations like Eva Moskowitz's Success Academy get free rent and other benefits.

He also fails to say how Eva Moskowitz has had this kind of advantage all the way back to the start of her operation, when she had a direct line to former NYCDOE chancellor Joel Klein.

He also forgets to mention the public relations teams Eva has working 24/7 to fool the public into thinking she is the victim in this "phony war on charters," the millions she has spent on advertisements that run on almost every TV channel in the metropolitan area.

And he embraces the term "disruptor" as if being disruptive of children and schools is a good thing - in this, he is just like Bloomberg and Klein and Gates and all the other fevered egos in the education reform world.

Frankly I see him as less a disruptor and more a hypocrite because every one of those criticisms he shoots the way of public schools is actually true of charters and Eva Moskowitz in particular.

But that's Sheriff Andy for you - if you follow this blog much, you know how often I point out just what a hypocrite he is.

Hypocrite, btw, is a nice way of saying Cuomo is full of @#$%.


  1. Disruption: just what children, especially poor children, need in their lives.

    1. Yeah - what a emotionally stunted fevered little ego this man is.