Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, March 28, 2014

Rev Up Those State And City Financial Audits Of The Charter Networks

As I posted this morning, the charter operators got pretty much everything they wanted in budget negotiations - higher per pupil state aid, free rent, and a guaranteed right to space.

But there is one interesting item in the deal according to Ben Chapman at the Daily News:

It will also for the first time allow the city and state controller to audit charter schools.

If the state and city comptrollers exercise this newly won provision, we will now be able to see exactly what Moskowitz, Kenny and the rest of the charter entrepreneurs are spending their money on.

I bet this is one provision in the charter bill charter entrepreneurs are not happy about.

There's a reason why Moskowitz sued the state comptroller to keep him from auditing her books.

She's got something to hide.

Time to audit the books and see what that is.

Same goes for Kenny and the KIPPsters and the rest of the networks.

You guys wanted more money and free rent and guaranteed space.

You got that.

But if the DN is right, you've also got to open your books up to the state and city comptrollers as opposed to the old days when you could hire your own crooked auditors to do a whitewash for you.


  1. Even though it's not directly related, I just wanted to note that somebody on MSNBC, Ed Schultz (of "The Ed Show"), is coming down on the right side of the charter issue, stating that charters are part of the road to privatization and take needed funds from public schools. He has had guests, such as Michael Eric Dyson, who agree with him this past week.

  2. Have been listening to "Reporters Roundtable" on Channel 1. One of the reporters said that Bill Clinton gave De Blasio a call and told him to tone it down on charter schools.

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