Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cuomo Sets Up Another Strong Man Over Teacher Evaluations

From Daily Politics:

Cuomo also defended his Common Core implementation panel’s recommendation that math and English assessment tests not count toward grade promotion or be put on the permanent records of those in third through eight grades while at time not recommending a delay in applying the new standards to teacher evaluations.

He said teacher evaluations are considered an integral part of reforming education by showing which instructors need help and which are succeeding and should be rewarded.

Told an upstate teacher on his panel put out a statement against some of the recommendations, Cuomo said he is not surprised. “The teachers have opposed teacher evaluations in various forms for many many years,” he said.

Teachers aren't opposed to a fair and just evaluation, governor.

They're opposed to the junk science in your APPR system that uses value-added measurements to gauge how much "value" teachers have added to student test scores, a practice so unscientific that it has margins of error as large as your ego.

They're opposed to being evaluated using the same tests you say were so poorly implemented that children shouldn't be evaluated with them.

They're opposed to an evaluation system that values compliance and standardization over professionalism and creativity.

In short, they're opposed to the piece of garbage you shoved down everybody's throats a few years ago.

The first law suits are commencing over that garbage system this week, with Rochester teachers suing over the APPR VAM.

We'll see if the courts think your evaluation system is as integral part of reforming the education system as you think it is.


  1. Since the Moreland Commision was a sham, it is now time for an FBI investigation of Cuomo's financials, bogus political relationships and conflicts of interest. It is now time to disrupt Cuomo's narcissistic personality disorder! Disruption is what Cuomo needs most. Where was Cuomo when the GW bridge was closed by the Port Authority of NY?

    1. It is clear Cuomo's commissions have been corrupt from the start. There's a reason why the head of Moreland left due to "executive branch interference." They were writing the reports for her and she wouldn't go for it.