Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Andrew Cuomo Shows His Cowardice

In case you missed the news, Andrew Cuomo has pulled out of his billed appearance at the Education Reform Now-sponsored education reform retreat at Whiteface Lodge in Lake Placid.

According to Jessica Bakeman at Capital NY, Cuomo cited scheduling difficulties for the conference and has sent a video along instead of driving himself over on his motorcycle and appearing as the "honorary chair."

I'm sure Cuomo's cancellation had nothing to do with the growing protests over the conference or the anti-Cuomo rebellion spreading across the state as parents and educators fight Cuomo on his education reform agenda.

Oh, no wait - I bet that's exactly the reason why he's cancelled his appearance.

Cuomo has made himself less available this year, not just over the education policy protests - Zach Fink at Salon wrote that's he making many fewer appearances before the Albany press for Q & A.

Cuomo's on the run over Common Core, the state's education testing regime, the tax cap, the Moreland Commission, and his complicity in Chris Christie's Bridgegate scandal, among other things.

Cuomo's cancellation at the Camp Philos event is just another example of the vulnerability he is experiencing going into his re-election campaign.

Cuomo needs to stage manage his appearances as much as possible and after last week's protests outside a Long Island fundraiser, he looks like he's going to get a little more controlling about where he makes those public appearances.

Just as Christine Quinn couldn't make a public appearance when she was running for NYC mayor without having the Anybody But Quinn people protesting her, Cuomo's got angry parents, angry teachers and a curious press corps looking to confront him over various things and, like the coward he is, Cuomo seems to be looking to duck them all.