Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, May 30, 2014

Cuomo Is A "Right-Wing Douchebag"

Andrew Cuomo and his courtiers at the unions have spent the past couple of days threatening Working Families Party members if the WFP convention does not give Cuomo their endorsement.

The union heads have threatened to pull back funds from the party and Buzzfeed reported that Cuomo is trying to convince other Democratic Party politicians from taking their endorsement to try and starve WFP of votes.

In that Buzzfeed article, one unnamed New York Dem puts the whole thing into perspective:

People close to the party say Cuomo may find it hard to win at the convention.

“They’ve actually built a part that is full of true believers — and nobody in the rank and file believes the government promises,” said one person close to the WFP.

“The core activists are asking, ‘How can we endorse this guy? He’s a right-wing douchebag,’” said a New York Democrat.

Cuomo's been damaged by this fight already by having to come out into the open and threaten WFP with destruction if they don't bow to him:

Cuomo is fighting for the endorsement — but the legendarily brass-knuckles governor’s new move is going further, and attempting to do deep damage to a party that has become one of the most powerful progressive institutions in the country.

Cuomo already has a reputation for being a "right-wing douchbag" among the Daily Kossack class.

After this showdown with the WFP rank-and-file, his chances of winning the Democratic nomination for president in 2016 or 2020 become as good as Scott Walker's.

I suspect in the end, the union leader threats and Cuomo's hardball tactics will win the day for him and he'll get the WFP nod.

But even if that happens, he comes out of that "victory" diminished and wounded.

And there's still a good chance that enough WFP rank-and-file get pissed off at the hardball tactics, say "Screw it!" and put Zephyr Teachout on the WFP line.

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