Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Monday, May 12, 2014

Eva Moskowitz Says She May Run For Mayor

Not a surprise to anybody paying attention to the "charter wars" - Eva Moskowitz is creating her own little fiefdoms across the city to use as power bases for a future run for mayor:

Charter school maven Eva Moskowitz may have a mayoral run in her future.

“I might run for mayor some day,” she said on the John Gambling radio show. “But right now, I’m very, very focused on educating the 10,000 kids that will be with us in 95 business days.”

“I thought I was leaving elected office and politics in order to focus on schooling, but as you know schooling turns out to be frankly even more political than politics,” she said. “I may [run for office]. I believe public service is incredibly important. But I also love the kids.”

Moskowitz, who has clashed with Mayor de Blasio since he took office, said her current focus is expanding her Success Academy network.

“I’m very, very focused on not only creating world class schools at scale, but changing the public policy in this country that every day prevents children from getting access to the American dream,” she said.

She'll have the money to try and make herself look good in ads and some segment of the press might be behind her (say the NY Post if they're still in business when she runs.)
So I would never count her out.
Thing is, even among many charter people she's about as popular as small pox.
She's abrasive, arrogant,and is so devoid of attractive personality traits that she makes Andrew Cuomo seem like Regis Philbin.
I have no doubt she plans on running for mayor.

Whether she can actually be a serious contender after all the controversy is another matter.

But who knows?

Who'd have thought the same Andy Cuomo who had to slink away after the Carl McCall mess would have 87% approval ratings in the first year of his first term as governor?


  1. The thought of Eva Moskowitz being mayor is an absolute nightmare.

  2. If Eva runs for mayor I am going to move to NYC just so I can have the chance to vote for somebody else.

    1. I would also move back to nyc just vote her charter ass out of office.

  3. I bet if the UFT endorses her candidacy, she will lose.

  4. Oh, Lord. Deliver us from Eva.

  5. A female (especially an ugly one with her visual characteristics) could never win a mayorship. Quinn had no chance, an ugly lesbian? C'mon! Get an attractive woman to run and she's got a real chance. Eva will do damage to the cameras, not a good fit.

  6. Anonymous at 9:20. Wow, that's not nice. I can't stand Eva either but I don't think it's her looks that one should focus on, it's her evilness. If she won the Mayoral race I think I would take early retirement or even die if I had to, just to avoid having to work under her. ;)

  7. I've been tracking Eva since she opened her first charter school and I never questioned that the entire enterprise had a political aim - she demanded schools in certain strategic neighborhoods to set up political operations. They will have an enormous amount of money. She can probably get the Repub nomination and if de Blasio falls apart - not totally unlikely - she can also play the Bloomberg role. Now imagine our contract in 2018 with Eva as mayor - and let's see those vote YES explain the catastrophe away - how fast can you say NEWARK? Don't forget, she was defeated for Man bor pres by UFT supported Scott Stringer. How did they brag about that at the time.