Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Friday, May 23, 2014

Cuomo Caught In Lie Over Independence Party Nomination

Governor Cuomo is famous for avoiding on the record interviews and Q&A's with reporters because this is the kind of thing that can happen with a shifty politician like Sheriff Andy - they can catch him in a lie:

Gov. Cuomo appears to have misled reporters Thursday when he said a decision on whether to seek the Independence Party nomination would be made “down the road.”

Documents submitted by the party to the State Board of Elections indicate that Cuomo signed an official acceptance form Thursday in Suffolk County – site of the state Democratic Party nomination. Cuomo traveled from Suffolk to Cooperstown, where he spoke to reporters at the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

“Clearly, the governor lied to reporters when he was asked about it last night, which is extremely troubling” charged Jessica Proud, a spokeswoman for Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Astorino.

“Sadly this is what we have come to expect from him, protecting his political allies over every day New Yorkers,” Proud continued. “He’s got to come clean about why he lied about it.”

Requests for comment sent to Cuomo’s press office, his campaign and state Democratic Party officials have so far not been returned.

During his Q&A in Cooperstown, Cuomo was asked whether he would seek the Independence Party’s line.

“Those are decisions that we’re going to be making down the road,” Cuomo replied before moving on to talk about the state Democratic Party’s nomination earlier that day.

The Independence Party is a bogus party with a lot of controversy surrounding it, so Cuomo didn't want to go on record saying he was going to take the Independence Party ballot line.

But given that the Independence Party line helped Bloomberg win City hall three times (people often vote on the line thinking it means "Independent") and given that there is an outside chance the Working Families Party doesn't nominate Cuomo and puts somebody else on their ballot line, I think it makes sense politically that Cuomo would seek the ballot line of the bogus (and kinda criminal) Independence Party.

Too bad he didn't have the guts to admit it to the press when he was asked about it.

Now they have caught him in a lie.

Will they pursue it and get him on record explaining why he lied directly to their faces?

Or will he go back into hiding now that the Democratic Party convention is done and only surface for non-Q & A events and motorcycle rides with Billy Joel?


  1. Howie Hawkins is already all over this story.

    1. Cuomo campaign finally came in w/ a response - they said Cuomo signed the papers early because he wouldn't be around after the discussions! Too funny! Caught red-handed in a lie, so they give a bullshit excuse so laughable that no one could take it seriously - not even Fred Dicker during the most intense part of his past bromance with Cuomo.

  2. Please google Giulio Cavallo, president of the Independence Party, Westchester County. Cavallo is a disgusting piece if trash who has battled with Astorino because he refused to give Cavallo "no show" jobs throughout Westchester. Cavallo backed Bramson this past November which is a main reason he lost the County Executive vote to Astorino. Cavallo is a liar, manipulator, and crook. His wife works in the White Plains courthouse and they both are heavily connected with plenty of judges. He has been known to have gotten many judges elected through the help of the Independence line. He was given a "no show" job as an administrator in a hospital as he has a medical degree (from Italy). Recently, he met with Cuomo as they are both Italian-Americans and bullshitted, etc. Since Cavallo's hatred towards Astorino is tremendous, Cavallo told Cuomo he'd do anything to push him along with the Independence Line. Cavallo's nickname is "Doc". He's a disgrace. A crooked politician who goes to Albany plenty to meet with thug Andy. Astorino is a good guy, a family man. He's got my vote along with my entire family and friends. The Independence Line is a fake. People don't even know what it means. Cavallo has made millions in contributions towards his party. Cuomo is well aware of Cavallo's techniques and vile behavior. He doesn't care. He will certainly take all the votes he can get. I hope Cuomo is exposed through Giulio Cavallo.

  3. Cuomo is nothing short of a disgace to our great state. My wife and I both voted for him when he first ran for governor. How we regret that.

    This time around, we will both gladly cast our ballots against him! Many folks here on Long Island and Queens already see through his garbage...and then add professional public school teachers and their families to the mix...

    Here's to the day when we can rid ourselves of the Cuomo disease.

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