Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Grand Jury Investigating Bridgegate Continues Its Work

This is bad news if you're Chris Christie - and maybe if you're Andrew Cuomo too:

The top Port Authority executive who ended the George Washington Bridge lane closings testified before a Jersey grand jury probing the punitive shutdowns.

Pat Foye appeared earlier in May before the federal panel in Newark as its Bridgegate investigation continued, the Bergen Record reported.

The PA executive director declined comment about his secret testimony.

Emails made public regarding the Sept. 9-12, 2013, lane closings on the busy span showed Foye ordering the reopening of all bridge access on Sept. 13.

Gov. Chris Christie has denied any role in the shutdowns ordered under the guise of a “traffic study."

Hard to know what Foye was asked under oath, but I wouldn't be too surprised if he was asked what the New York governor knew about the GWB closings, when he knew that information, and what he did about it.

Something to watch going forward if you're rooting for not only Chris Christie to be squirming in the scandal, but Cuomo as well.


  1. That Sheriff Andy; he must be soiling his underwear right about now.

  2. He's certainly got some connection to the scandal, that's for sure. We know he and Christie collaborated on the toll hikes. We know he and Christie talked on the phone about the scandal. And you have to think that Foye told Cuomo about the closures before he ordered the access lanes reopened - something Cuomo has yet to admit.

    Yeah, he's got to be a little worried about this.