Perdido 03

Perdido 03

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bridgegate Scandal Gets Closer To Chris Christie


Gov. Chris Christie tonight downplayed the sworn testimony his chief spokesman gave to the state legislative committee investigating the George Washington Bridge scandal earlier in the day, saying it didn't reveal anything new.

Michael Drewniak, the longtime press secretary in the governor's office, delivered seven hours of testimony today, stressing that neither he nor Christie knew about the controversial plan to close lanes at the nation's busies bridge last September or its alleged cover-up.

Still, Drewniak said then-Port Authority official David Wildstein told him in November, before the scandal erupted, that two Christie staff members — Bridget Anne Kelly, then the governor's deputy chief of staff, and Bill Stepien, his former campaign manager — were aware of the closings as they happened last fall.

Drewniak said he passed the information along to Christie's chief counsel, Charles McKenna, and McKenna told him he was "looking into it." That was before Christie made light of the lane closings at a news conference Dec. 2.

Drewniak explained that he didn't tell Christie himself of the information until after that news conference, saying he believed that by telling senior staff members, the issue was already "in the blood stream" of the administration.

Christie said during his monthly radio show tonight that he watched only 5-10 minutes of Drewniak's testimony and "doesn't remember all the different specifics" of the timeline in question.

McKenna, Christie's chief counsel, was "looking into" the lane closures in November, before Christie mocked the whole thing in a December press conference.

Hard to believe McKenna didn't "look into" that by going up the chain of command.

That doesn't mean there's evidence of that, of course.

But if they squeeze McKenna enough...

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